St Francis

Each fall, the Church continues a tradition from St. James the Apostle, and recognizes a group or individual for work in our city and community that embodies the Spirit of St. Francis. 

2023 - Jobs, Opportunities, Enterprise

The Parish heard about the work of JOEs when they became partners with the Helper Bees, preparing meals for distribution to the downtown community.

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2022 - Yasi Zorlutuna, and Community FEWD

Chef Yasi began working out of the Church of the Apostles kitchen in 2022. Her work embodies the spirit of St. Francis' care for the environment by rescuing food from becoming waste, and his care for the poor by transforming rescued food into gourmet meals that are distributed at various sites throughout the city.

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2021 - Your Downtown Guelph Friends

Kate Nixon, and her team, embodies the spirit of St. Francis in their care for, and solidarity with, the poor. They are "Youth and friends coming together to prevent and alleviate suffering by mobilizing with the power of community and friendship in the core of Guelph!"

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2020 - Wendy Woodhouse 

The 2020 Award was awarded postumously to Wendy Woodhouse, in recognition of her leadership in building up and serving the needs of this community, and her service to the sacramental life of this Parish.  A donation was made in her name to the Chalmers Community Services Centre.

Previous Awards have been presented to:

2019 - Ecumenical Campus Ministry.

2018  Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition  

2017  Chalmers Community Services Centre 

2016  Ed Pickersgill – Out of Poverty Society

2015  Reverend John Butter - Guiding Coalition of Guelph-Wellington Circles

2014 Arlene Slocombe - Wellington Water Watchers

2013 Norah Chaloner - Council of Canadians

2012 Habitat for Humanity - Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph

2011 Philip Gosling and the Gosling Foundation

2007 Joseph Profit, S.J. and the Jesuit Collaborative for Ecology, Agriculture and Forestry

2003 Guelph Humane Society

2002    City Of Guelph and Mayor Karen Farbridge

1997 Sandra Pady and the Guelph Donkey Sanctuary

1993 Elizabeth Snell