Scattering & Memorial Garden

The raised garden bed located in the South East portion of our property has been dedicated as a Memorial Garden. We are a licensed cemetery operator (Operator #4719099) and our Bylaws can be seen below. 

Scattering privileges are limited to the remains of members of the worshiping community of the Church of the Apostles, active participants in the outreach ministries of the Church, or their immediate family. Please contact the office to make arrangements.

Because we do not charge a fee for scattering, we have no price list available to post. More information about your rights and protections as a consumer of bereavement services are available here.

There is no fee or charge for scattering, and our staff or volunteers will be present to ensure that scattering is done in accordance with our bylaws and regulations.  

Where the Church is involved in planning and officiating a service or ceremony associated with the act of scattering, there is a cost of $500. If this represents a financial hardship for a grieving family, some or all of this amount can be waived at the discretion of the Rector and Wardens. 

Cemetary Bylaws Church of the Apostles Draft 2.docx.pdf