Fundscrip Fundraising

Invitation Code: BQN6VB

Fundscrip is a Canadian Program that allows users to make a financial contribution to Charities you want to support, while only spending money that you were already going to spend on other things.

We often run a group order in preparation for Christmas gift-giving. But throughout the year we are invite you to consider participating in with Fundscrip's Individual Order program.

What is Fundscrip?  It is a company that sells gift cards for a large variety of Canadian Retailers.  When you purchase a card through this program, you receive the full value of your purchase.  And the Church receives a small percentage of that amount (usually 2-5% depending on the retailer).  

How Does This Work? You go to the Group Support website: and register as a Group Supporter.  Our Group code is BQN6VB.  Then you search for the retailers where you already plan to be shopping.  Fundscrip will process your payment, and send your gift cards directly to you.  

Normally, the cost for shipping for the Individual Order program is close to $1 for each order.  (The Maximum order for shipping at this price is $500, or 4 cards).  During Covid-19, Fundscrip is offering free shipping on qualifying orders, so that you pay nothing more than the value of the cards you will receive!

Twice each year we can request payout, and all those small percentages will add up together to support the life of our Parish.

If you know that the cards will be used, you can set up regular (weekly) orders for regular weekly purchases such as groceries or gas.

But I don't shop much...  Fundscrip will ship cards any mailing address in Canada.  Send a gift across the country or across the street: books to a student away from home, coffee to an old friend, new clothes to a growing child, gas money to a friend who is stretched thin, or groceries to a food bank.  

During the free shipping offer- you can even SAVE money by sending a gift card directly to someone you love, without having to put a stamp on it yourself.

You can invite family and friends to join you.  Do you hate asking people for money?  You don't have to!  Everyone gets 100% of the value of the cards they order.

What's the Downside?  Nothing is perfect.  This program won't work for everyone.  But if it works for you, please consider participating.