Guests and Visitors

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Our Church community includes members of many ages, races, cultural backgrounds, income levels, family structures, and sexual orientations. 

You are welcome here.

What to Expect When Worshiping In-Person:

What to Expect in the Remote Chapel:



All of our worship strives to include:

Beauty (through music, language, architecture & art)

Wonder (a sense of awe, and awareness of Divine Power - the language we use to talk to and about that Divinity varies between our services)

Community (among those who are gathered together, and a sense of the deep connectedness of the whole human family)

Hope (that the world we know is not the only way it could be.  And that through both human and Divine action, this world can and will align more closely with the peace and justice of the Reign of God).

Tradition (We are connected with a world-wide Anglican communion.  We share common creeds and prayers.  We seek wisdom in Christian Scriptures. We operate under the authority of the Bishop and Canons of the Diocese of Niagara, and the Anglican Church of Canada)

Room for Doubt (We all come to worship with different questions.  But we believe there is something good and important about asking those questions together.)